Thursday, January 26, 2012

Types of Renewable Energy

Every civilization’s progress is dependent on the natural resources. In natural resources all living and non living things come, for example manpower is living resource. Similarly minerals are the non-living resource. But continuous use of natural resources is restricting the further usage. Natural resources include:

  • Forests
  • Agricultural lands
  • Oceans and rivers
  • Minerals
  • Fossil fuels

Some of these resources are natural renewable resources and some are non-renewable. With non- renewable resources most of people are familiar. Such as gasoline, coal etc.

Continuous usage of non-renewable resources like petrol, coal and other fossil fuels had decreased their natural availability. It takes so much time and investment to find new hidden resources for these types of non-renewable fuels.  That’s why day by day fuel price are rising in the market and those are affecting the life of a common person.

Human had made immense advancements in the field of technology but never considered renewable resources more as compare to non- renewable resources. If we look into history renewable sources of energy were used more by the ancient human.

But in modern era scenario had been changed, there is rise in fuel prices and environmental concerns are on rise also!

Its time to consider renewable energy resources seriously before it get too much late.  There are 5 renewable energy types that are available all around the world easily.

Here are the types of the renewable energy:

1. Solar Energy

Solar energy is the energy which is derived from the sun. It can for heating purpose or for power production.  No need to buy fuel or coal to generate electricity sun is available one just have to harness its rays and have to convert them in the desired form of energy either heat or electricity!

Solar heaters are used to heat your home and water; similarly solar panels are used to convert sunlight into electricity. Best thing about solar energy is that it requires very less maintenance. Solar energy is environment friendly and haves zero emissions. But solar panels manufacturing do includes some toxic elements and it is expensive as compare to non-renewable energy resources.

Solar energy is expensive only in the beginning, once solar panels are installed after that your gets power for lifetime in free!

2. Wind Energy

Wind is also a renewable source of energy and available free of cost. Mankind is using wind energy through windmills from so many years. Wind energy is environment friendly and haves zero emissions. Wind can be turned into electricity with the help of wind turbines. Wind turbines are really great source t produce electricity but these can be fatal to flying birds.

3. Hydropower

Hydropower means generating energy with the help of flowing water. This great renewable energy source is being used since ages and is known as hydroelectric power.  Hydroelectricity is produced with the churning water with the help of massive generators. Though hydropower haves zero emissions also but it affects the aquatic life and aquatic ecosystem.

4. Biomass Energy

Plants and trees are the source of biomass energy and are used for creating bio-fuels. Plants are used from paper making to methane gas decomposition. Now plants are even grown for bio-fuels such as ethanol is obtained from corn crops. Biomass energy can be used for lighting and cooking.

5. Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is the energy which is obtained from earth’s heat. It can be in form volcanoes, hot spring, steam reservoir or sun-heated earth crust. There are only few countries in the world that produce electricity from geothermal energy!

Renewable energy is having enormous benefits. Its environment friendly and aside from those renewable energy resources are not going to deplete. They can be naturally replenished which will go long way for the future generations.


  1. There are many sources of renewable energy. The various known forms are as listed below:

    Solar energy
    Hydro energy
    Tidal energy
    Wind energy
    Geothermal energy
    Fuel cells
    Power Plant Maintenance

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