Thursday, May 10, 2012

Build Your Own Wind Powered Generator

The modern world mainly relies on fossil fuel energy. But the fact everyone knows fossil fuels have limits and fossil fuel resources are decreasing. They will end, though not now may be in next some hundred or more years they will end. That’s why all developed countries are looking to alternative sources of energy. Renewable energy forms like solar energy and wind energy. Though these forms are yet not in full practical mode but in future they will be having major role in meeting energy crisis.

Wind energy is a renewable energy type and it doesn’t have any emissions. Wind energy is being used by human from centuries in form of windmills and for sailing ships.

Wind power is still used to generate electricity on large scale. But, how you can produce electricity on small scale through wind power? To produce electricity through wind power a wind generator is needed.

What is Wind Generator?

Wind generator is a device which produces the electricity by harnessing the wind. Wind powered generator produces the electricity with the help of wind turbines. Difference is only that in windmills large wind turbines are used while of wind powered generator small size wind turbines are needed. Wind generator harnesses the wind power through wind turbines and that produced electricity is stored in batteries, which is then used to power the electrical appliances.

You can buy a wind generator and you can make your own wind generator also!

Required Material for Making Wind Generator

Components which are needed to build wind generator are:

  • Blades
  • Generator body
  • Motor
  • Hub
  • Tail
  • Batteries
  • Wind Generator Diode

Tools which you will need to build wind generator are:

  • Saw
  • Bolts
  • Hammer etc.

The blades which will be needed to make a small wind turbine for the generator you can buy from market or you can make them in home. If you make them in home then probable you will make those blades of wood or PVS pipe. If you choose wood then use cedar wood as it’s strong and flexible.

Making Body and Tail of the Wind Generator

You can make the body and tail of the wind generator from recycled double-wall stainless steel chimney pipe. Double wall stainless steel chimney pipe will work as the body of your generator and it can resist the rough weather.

Building Your Own Wind Generator

You will need following things to build your own wind generator:

1. Motor

To build your own wind generator you will have to get the motor which is rated for high DC voltage, low RPM and high current. Size of motor can vary as it depends on the size wind blades of your made up wind turbine. Usually a motor above 40 volts is considered good for making of wind generator. Construct the hub of generator from a circular piece of steel. Blades and motor will be attached with the hub with help of bolts. Batteries are needed to store the electricity which is produced by the generator.

2. Batteries

Batteries will be attached with generator by a thick wire. Batteries are very sensitive to excessive heat or cold so place them on a place where weather doesn’t have affect on them.  The best place will be such place for the placement of batteries where you can keep an eye on them for monitoring.  You will also need a wall meter so that you can know whether batteries are getting charged or not.

3. Wind Generator Diode

The wind generator diode will be attached with the generator as it will allow you to monitor the current flow. You can monitor the wind generator current flow by the help of generator   diode which will show that current flowing is on right direction which is towards batteries and toward generator.

4. Inverter

You will also need a good quality inverter which you will have to attach with the batteries. The inverter will convert the DC current into AC so that appliances in your home can use that power.

Bottom Line

Though yet wind energy is having major part in meeting energy challenges of world. But use of wind energy is growing rapidly around the world. Statistics of last five years shows that use of wind energy had got doubled in these past 5 years.  It is a solid fact that wind energy is environment friendly.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wind Powered Autos

Wind power is not new to humans, it was used by mankind centuries ago to sail on sea, ships and large boats use the wind power. Most of ships in ancient times use wind power to sail until steam engines were invented. Still in many countries wind power is use to sail boats or other sea activities but only as a sport or leisure activity such as, windsurfing and yachting.

But use of wind power in old days was related only to sea vehicles. In modern days when the pollution and global warming problem is on rise the scientists thought to use wind energy to devise a wind powered car.  Though wind energy still haven’t became a big energy industry like thermal and hydroelectricity generation. But wind energy haves its own solid basis and it’s in process of development. But the thing which raise the question in mind that ‘will wind powered car work same as conventional cars?”

Let’s check it out!

How Wind Powered Car Work?


Same principle of wind power is used in wind cars also that wind power in car is turned into electricity which helps the car to move forward. The concept which let the scientists to work for a wind powered car is that when we are driving in a car an immense force of wind the car gets which can be felt if we take our hand out of car window. This thing made the scientists that how if this wind force is used to harness the electrical energy as a clean source for running cars.

Following accessories are used in a wind powered cars:

1. Wind Turbines for Wind Powered Cars

Like other wind energy processing mechanics in wind powered card wind turbines and valves are used also to harness the wind. These wind turbines are valves are placed in such position in the cars that they can start moving. The function of valves is to absorb the wind which is needed to power the car. Along valves an alternator is connected which convert the kinetic energy into electric energy. The generated electric energy is stored in a DC battery which is connected to a controller. The controller converts he DC current in to AC.

2. Potentiometers

Potentiometers work in the wind powered car is to resist and regulate the speed of the car. There is a cable which connects the controller and accelerator which passes through a couple of potentiometers. Efficiency of accessories in wind powered cars is excellent as the number of rotating and revolving parts are   very less, in result it helps to move quite fast.