Thursday, October 6, 2011

10 Things that Can Wipe Out Life from Earth

Year 2012 is almost near because the time is running faster than our thoughts and according to Mayans Theory that the time will end on 21st Dec 2012, according to that doomsday is near. The extinctions events that I searched out and going to write here potentially can happen in some cases and few from them had happened already in the past. Like end of the Dinosaurs.

Well read this what I searched and please feel no hesitation for adding your comments about this list.

1. Developments Made by Human

Because of lot of outstanding developments in different aspects of life mainly in field of science Human thinks that nature could not harm. But the truth is totally different from that because humans themselves had developed methods of self-destruction. Like nuclear weapons according to figures there are enough nuclear weapons on earth made by human that can easily wipe out the life from the surface of the planet earth.  Only one nuclear war can destroy the planet.

I hope and pray that the planet earth will remain peaceful. Otherwise we are on the edge of extinction already by own human hand made weapons.

2. Gamma Ray from Sky Can Wipe Out Life from Earth

Just think that you are sitting under the sky in night and staring the stars and suddenly a light flash up on the sky, a star had exploded. Before you can say anything everyone on Earth will die.

A Gamma Ray Burst can kill the life on Earth without giving chance for next breath. That can happen with full power Gamma Ray Burst even if that happen with lighter power than probably half of life on planet Earth will wipe out and rest of half earth’s Ozone layer will be ripped and it will become Well Come Planet for UV radiation.

3. Oceanic Overturn

Oceans are made of salty water but its saltier up top than down below. Oceanic Overturn means that deeper water replacing the water up top. Now question is that what’s wrong with that then remember Anoxic Events?  The depth water is having less oxygen means that the critters on the surface and middle depths will be dead.

4. Hydrogen Sulfide Emissions

This may had happened during the Permian-Triassic extinction event that a warming trend had changed the balance between Plankton and bacteria that reduce Sulfate.

Just think that if the massive emissions of hydrogen sulfide suddenly rise from ocean and poisoned everything on land and sea or it weakened up the Ozone layer so that UV radiation can find easy way on Earth.

5. Anoxic Events

Oceanic anoxic events happen when the oxygen reduces than standard quantity below the surface levels. Though anoxic events had not happens in last millions of years, but geological record shows that they had happened many time in the past. They might had caused the massive extinctions on the planet earth long before.

6. Clathrate

Clathrate is a water-covered methane. If this water covered methane break apart it will release the gas into the atmosphere and that will accelerate the Global Warming.

7. Global Warming

About global warming every one knows that is major big problem right at moment which world is facing now and world all countries had gathered for this problem in Copenhagen.

Because of global warming ice on the poles and glaciers all over the world are melting down quickly the sea levels are getting high. Some of the scientists are now saying that polar ice will melt over till 2014.

8. Global Cooling

If earth get so clod due to of some reasons, this will cause death to may polar and temperate region animals which result a massive migration to the equator, and make more of the earth a desert. But then it will be easy to find water because most of it will become snow or ice. This even may be human can survive rather than global warming.

9. Massive Impact

A big rock in space heading towards earth can easily wash out life from the whole planet.  The big rock 1st will block the light from sun and that will cause death for plant and earth temperature will go down.

If the rock is made of sulfur then there will be acid rain also. Impact of the massive rock will raise huge tsunamis in oceans and acid ran would burn off the forests.

10. Falling of Sea Level

If sea level drop down severely that will reduce the area around the Continental Shelf, which cause a massive marine extinctions means that all the life in the ocean will die. This change will affect the weathers and climate also, and that drastic change will lead earth to a mass extinctions.


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