Friday, October 21, 2011

5 Main Benefits of Bio Fuels

Bio fuels are friendlier to environment as compare to fossil fuels. Bio fuels emit so less carbon in the air and can be produced with indigenous resources. Bio fuels are good for earth and also for economy.  They enable a country to have less dependence on foreign fossil fuels. Bio fuels are having more benefits and that’s all because of modern technology. Bio fuels are environment friendly.
Need for renewable energy is increasing that’s why bio fuels are becoming more important. Still world’s energy needs are mainly dependent on traditional coal, oil, and gasoline. But these conventional energy resources are not environment friendly as compare to bio fuels.

Main positive affect of the bio fuels is that they are not harmful to environment and nature. Almost every one knows that world is facing global warming problem and other environment issues. Those all are result of using fossil fuels. Best solution for global warming and pollution is bio fuels.

Here are some advantages of bio fuels:

1 – Sustainability

Its first main advantage is that bio fuels are sustainable unlike fossil fuels. Fossil fuel’s supply can decrease while for bio fuels there are several crops which can be grown continuously. Those crops can be grown on vast basis according to energy demands.

2 – Emissions

Fossil fuels are having more carbon emissions as compare to bio fuels. Bio fuels emit less carbon, and that helps in reducing the greenhouse gas toxins. In this way it helps to reduce the pollution in the air.

3 – Bio-Degradation

Bio fuels contain more degradable substances and a fewer toxins. As the bio fuels contain fewer toxins that why in case of any accident the bio fuel leaks or spill there wont be a major hazard to people’s health or environment. It will be cleaned up quicker and easier and will cost less.

4 – Basin Elements

Mostly “waste” products are the basic elements of the bio fuels, for example agricultural farms byproducts and corn stalks. The food industries can also make bio fuels by using their expired stocks and waste products.

5 – Earth’s Protection

Coal and fossil fuels are gained by digging earth’s deep crust and this causes a strain to the earth. While for bio fuels we don’t have to dig the earth and it also don’t involve any risks like oil spilling.

There are many other benefits of bio fuels also such as it will help to improve country’s economy by decreasing its dependence on foreign fossil oils. New jobs will be created for farming and transportation of bio fuels. Most of all every country can make bio fuels with its own resources, which will eliminate the cost factors too. Bio fuel materials are less expensive and controllable. You will not face any fluctuation at the gas pumps.

Farmers will get main benefit as the demand for crops will increase and it will help the farmers all around the world who are struggling in this economy today.


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