Monday, October 10, 2011

Facts about Solar Energy

Installation of solar panels in home for getting solar energy benefit you in two ways; one is that you gets cheapest energy for your home and second it increases you home value. Modern solar systems are more accurate, efficient and easy to install.

Though initially installation of solar panels cost you much but on long term you really know that your investment haven’t gone in vain. When the solar panel will be installed, the costs are being depreciated over time, the system itself adds to your home value. Most of all you are having a satisfaction that you are using clean and non-polluting systems.

Six Things That Makes Solar Energy a Better Choice

  1. Unlike other energy sources oil, coal, or natural gas solar energy haves free source.
  2. If you sell back the extra electricity to the electric company made by your solar panel you can have no electric company bill.
  3. You can share the costs and benefits along your neighbors but under certain circumstances. For that look for local laws and restrictions if that is possible in your area.
  4. Solar energy is a clean power and haves very low environment effect. It’s having no emissions, no maintenance costs and no unstable fuel costs.
  5. You can have government sponsored rebates, financial incentives and tax credits also.
  6. Most important factor is that solar power peak production time is same when the electric company is having peak usage time and highest rates. This benefits you because at that time you do not need to use the most expensive type of power company electricity.

Some Important Facts about Solar Energy

About other facts on first you must know about the solar energy that how it works, what is the lifetime of your solar panels and how you can improve the value of your home and reduce costs?

Here are some facts about solar energy:

Solar Energy is not so complicated

Solar panels get the sunlight on solar photovoltaic (PV) cells, which then activate electrons. Then the electrons jump from atom to atom and make a chain of electricity that runs through a charge controller in the form of a DC charge. That charge can be stored in a battery which you can use as 12 volt DC current or transform it by using an inverter to 110 volt AC current. AC current is used mostly in home appliances.

Durability of Solar Panels

Though the full sun is best for your solar panel for producing the energy but it is operational also in other conditions. The life of solar panels can be from 3 to 25 years. Most of solar panels are having warranty of 10 to twenty years.


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