Thursday, October 13, 2011

How to Build a Solar Controlled Battery Charger?

The sun is amazing source of energy but that’s up to us that how to convert the sunlight into usable energy. But the process of converting solar won’t have to be complicated. Batteries power many of products, which we use in daily life.

The simple way is to hook up solar panels to battery chargers to provide free energy to run your home appliances.

How to create a Solar Power Battery Charger?

Here are simple steps for creating a solar battery charger:

Step 1

Buy a solar panel, which almost match the amps and voltage output that the cigarette-lighter adapter is rated for. On cigarette-lighter adapter you can see the printed information.

Step 2

Cigarette-lighter adapter will be plugged into the battery charger and put the rechargeable batteries you want to charge in the charger.

Step 3

One alligator clip will be connected from the first set to the exposed metal tip end of the cigarette-lighter adapter that inserts into the cigarette lighter. Then connect a clip from the second set of alligator clips to the exposed metal on the side of the adapter.

Step 4

Opposite ends of the alligator clip sets are connected to the positive/negative connections on the back of the solar panel.

Step 5

Now you can place the solar panel outside so that it can collect the energy and batteries starts charging.


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