Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tips to Buy Cheap Solar Panels

You can find cheap solar panels in many places if you know what to look for. The cheap solar panels that you want to buy can be new or used ones. Here I will write down some tips that will help you to get best use of your hard earned dollars.

1 – Search for Sale Items in Your Country

It’s cheaper and easier if you buy from the country you live in, through postage, insurance and supplier service. It will be quicker and easier to return the item if you don’t want it. Aside from that items would have to travel less and will be having less chance to get any damage in transit.

2 – The DIY Option

There are few claims about producing cheap solar panels and wind generators, whether those are true or false. But if you have access to the materials outlined in the manuals, you can make a cheap solar panel. The Earth 4 Energy is most reliable ebook to learn that. They have full refund within 8 weeks so you can’t go wrong. This company is having good track record of giving refunds when requested.

3 – New Cheap Solar Panels

New solar panels and other equipment come along a warranty and an indication of build quality. You will have to check with the seller that how you can claim the warranty; is the seller the person who would deal with a damages item, or is this your responsibility? Posting damaged solar panel from one place to other is time consuming and expensive.

You will have to look out these factors against the possibly lower item cost if it is being sold by a new vendor or on an auction site.

The best way to get the new cheap solar panels is to buy it directly from the manufacturer or the manufacturer’s main supplier. When you will buy directly from the manufacturer or main supplier, you will save the money which vendor will get as profit margins. And big suppliers are more reliable when it comes to support with warranty issues.

4 – Used Cheap Solar Panels

Used solar panels can be lot cheaper than new ones. But before buying the used panels you must see few things. If the solar panel is old then it will be having less productivity, because the age of a panel affects its productivity usually in a thin film panel.  Look at the structure of the panel if it’s sealed properly or not. If there will be moisture inside the glass or plastic cover then it will be having huge impact on its performance.

In other things you will have to see if it provides a steady flow throughout the day. If not then it means the panels are having some issues with corrosion or other damage to the internal circuitry. Usually this problem old thin film solar cells get.

A necessary thing the used panel which you are buying look carefully that its not being used on a boat.


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