Saturday, November 12, 2011

Solar Panel Installation Costs

If you are willing to purchase PV panels then you must consider their overall needs before investing. The necessary things to consider are: do you need batteries for storing electricity? How much electricity your home needs? These are the basic things which you much have to keep in mind before going to buy a solar panel. There are number of manufacturers who offer complete packages which make the installation easier and more economical.

Solar energy equipment is expensive because the semiconductor materials used in the manufacturing of PV panels are expensive. The average price of the solar panels is about $3-$4 per watt. When the manufacturers will increase the production and research continues into less expensive ways to make solar panels, the cost is expected to drop.

PV systems costs depend on the rebates and other financial incentives available in the particular area. There are different factors that increase the price such as the size of the system, and its installation place.

Though initially solar panels will cost you so much but they can substantially reduce cost of energy over time and add value to your home. You can also have government support to buy your solar panels.

What Incentives you can have for going Solar?

Location really matters to have the incentives. For example, if your state is giving generous incentives for installing solar systems then you might be able to get rebates, low interest loans, state tax credits and exemptions. The Federal grants and tax credits can also be available for you. There are incentives by the builders and utility companies sometimes also.

According to federal law you can have 30% tax credit, maximum $2,000 for PV, solar water heaters and fuel cells installation. For more information to know about available incentives in your state visit the website, which keeps track of incentives for renewable energy in all 50 states. You will get detailed and updated information on that website.

Before Installing Solar Panels You Better Increase Energy Efficiency

The most important and beneficial thing for you is to make your home energy efficient because:

  • It will reduce the initial cost of installing your solar system.
  • When your home will be energy efficient it will consume less electricity and for that you will have to buy a small solar system which is less expensive.
  • Saving electricity is cheaper then generating.

To make your home energy efficient always use modern energy efficient appliances, and make it sure that your home is adequately insulated. Make the best use of available energy.


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