Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How Do Gas Powered Refrigerator Perform?

Almost every home is having refrigerator. The refrigerators which we are having in homes are more cost effective, efficient and they are having long life also. But the refrigerators that we use in home run on electricity. That’s why those refrigerators don’t work if we live in area where there is no electricity or go for camping. For such type of conditions there are other types of refrigerators which are called gas powered refrigerators. 

Gas powered refrigerators works on the places where electricity is not available.

Gas Refrigerator’s Main Components

Gas powered refrigerator’s basic components are same like the electric refrigerators such as:

  • Generator
  • Separator
  • Condenser
  • Evaporator
  • Absorber

These components work together, uses the gas as both fuel and coolant to make the refrigerator work when there is no electricity available. The whole process is effective, as its less energy efficient than the standard refrigerator. But it works effectively.

How Gas Powered Refrigerator Works?

The gas powered refrigerator process can be described in five steps:

  1. Gas burns in the generator which helps to create the energy of the process; it raises the temperature of this combination of ammonia and water, and makes it boil.
  2. When the ammonia starts boiling then the combination travels to a separator which moves the ammonia and the water separately through the rest of the system.
  3. From here the gas powered refrigerator process becomes similar like traditional refrigerators. The ammonia gas moves through a condenser, where the pressure system moves it through coils. Ammonia is kept warm in these coils, but turns into a liquid.
  4. Then the liquid ammonia collides with hydrogen gas. This collision creates evaporation that creates the colder temperatures, which helps to cool the refrigerator.
  5. In final step water combines back with the hydrogen and ammonia mixture. Then hydrogen leaves and collects elsewhere, and the remaining solution starts processing all over again.

Though the all procedure of refrigeration in gas powered refrigerator is little complicated but its so much effective in those areas where electricity is not available. It’s not a long lasting system, and not meant to be used for a long periods.

How Long a Gas Tank Last in a Refrigerator?

It depends in the type of the gas which they use. For example, ¾ tank is used by an average propane refrigerator. Consumption of gas depends on models also; the old ones are less efficient. So it’s always better to stock up on propane tank before you leave for a trip. Because on your trip you can afford to run short of propane gas, if that happened then the most of food in your refrigerator will be spoiled.

Anyhow gas powered refrigerators are effective for long camping, RV trailers and other places that don’t have electricity.


  1. The gas refrigerator also needs the intensive care. Here are the tips of cleaning the gas refrigerators.