Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wind Powered Autos

Wind power is not new to humans, it was used by mankind centuries ago to sail on sea, ships and large boats use the wind power. Most of ships in ancient times use wind power to sail until steam engines were invented. Still in many countries wind power is use to sail boats or other sea activities but only as a sport or leisure activity such as, windsurfing and yachting.

But use of wind power in old days was related only to sea vehicles. In modern days when the pollution and global warming problem is on rise the scientists thought to use wind energy to devise a wind powered car.  Though wind energy still haven’t became a big energy industry like thermal and hydroelectricity generation. But wind energy haves its own solid basis and it’s in process of development. But the thing which raise the question in mind that ‘will wind powered car work same as conventional cars?”

Let’s check it out!

How Wind Powered Car Work?


Same principle of wind power is used in wind cars also that wind power in car is turned into electricity which helps the car to move forward. The concept which let the scientists to work for a wind powered car is that when we are driving in a car an immense force of wind the car gets which can be felt if we take our hand out of car window. This thing made the scientists that how if this wind force is used to harness the electrical energy as a clean source for running cars.

Following accessories are used in a wind powered cars:

1. Wind Turbines for Wind Powered Cars

Like other wind energy processing mechanics in wind powered card wind turbines and valves are used also to harness the wind. These wind turbines are valves are placed in such position in the cars that they can start moving. The function of valves is to absorb the wind which is needed to power the car. Along valves an alternator is connected which convert the kinetic energy into electric energy. The generated electric energy is stored in a DC battery which is connected to a controller. The controller converts he DC current in to AC.

2. Potentiometers

Potentiometers work in the wind powered car is to resist and regulate the speed of the car. There is a cable which connects the controller and accelerator which passes through a couple of potentiometers. Efficiency of accessories in wind powered cars is excellent as the number of rotating and revolving parts are   very less, in result it helps to move quite fast.

When the accelerator is put of full speed the controller gives outcome of full voltage and when pressure is released from the accelerator the controller stops releasing power and in result vehicle gets slow.

3. Configuration of Motor to Wheel

Configuration of motor to wheel is used in wind-powered cars which provide the car an increase of power supply.  There are number of motors in wind powered car which are linked to the wheels. This makes breaking and propulsion system efficient in work. Wind powered cars are having single gear same like auto gear conventional cars. IN wind powered cars vacuum braking system is used. Vacuum braking system is type of system in which force of brakes is taken from the atmospheric pressure.

4. Features of Wind-Powered Cars

Air conditioners can be used in wind-powered cars like conventional vehicles. Motors in the wind powered car are cooled with the help of wind to avoid the overheating in the vehicle.
The main feature of wind powered cars is that their batteries are continuously charged by the help of wind energy. Other type of batteries need certain time period for charging while batteries used in wind powered cars don’t need such specific time period for charging. In wind powered cars batteries are charged continuously when car is on road.  There is a volt meter fitted in wind powered car which track and show the current from the battery.

Wind powered cars will be a great be a great vehicle in modern era of global warming. But these cars are still in developmental process, may be in next few years those come out in market for common people.


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