Sunday, June 10, 2012

Buying Wholesale Solar Panels

Solar power use has become more pronounced in the last few years owing to many factors. An aversion from fossil fuel resources, because of price hike and environmental concerns has prompted many people to shift to renewable energy. To complement, a sharp decline in solar panels prices has attracted many people to solar energy market. The ease of installation and minimal maintenance are other advantages, resulting in the solar panel demand to shoot up.

In particular, home owners are using solar power, for it is usually more economical than the utility power supply. It is ideal to invest in this growing market time. Before you start this business you need to have knowledge of the market and there are a few formalities which need to be fulfilled when you dive into this business.

Below are mentioned a few basics you need to know before buying solar panels:

1. Registration with Internal Revenue Service

Before you embark on to the business of solar panels it is very important that obtain an Employer Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Service. To buy solar panels in bulk from whole sale dealers you have to be a legitimate business owner. Whether you are a sole business owner, a proprietor ship or a public limited company; this EIN number serves as a business owner identity. This EIN number serves many other purposes for any business. You can get this EIN number free of cost.

2. Obtain Required Solar Licenses

Usually you will need a license to sell solar panels in your area. This is because other regulations have been put into practice for providing incentives to the solar panel consumers. Contact the office of your secretary of state or attorney general’s office for obtaining this license. However there are some states where you don’t need this license but it is better to have precautionary measures taken.

3. Know your Financial Resources

You should be completely aware of what you have in the pocket when negotiating a deal for whole sale solar panels. There are many dealers who will give you the solar panels at retail price by pretending it as a wholesale price. It is very important that you get quotes from several dealers in order to get an idea of the wholesale price. When you know your budget you can negotiate better deals. A legitimate wholesale dealer always asks for bulk supply of solar panels.

4. Ratings of the Equipment

It is very important to know what sort of equipment is required in your area of sale. Some solar panels are capable to supply large amounts of electric power and are costly enough, but may not be required by the majority of consumers. Some solar panels may be too small to pick an electric load of a typical home. Make sure your whole sale supplier provides a variety of solar panels.

5. Search the Internet

In order to get the best deals visit different selling websites. You can also consider the option of importing the solar panels in bulk if feasible. Ask for samples in order to ascertain the quality of panels and the delivery standards of your whole sale dealer.


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